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At many shows across the UK, the LadderM8rix has been referred to as the “star of the show” and “the ultimate ladder safety device”. It has to be one of the most astonishing products to have been launched for quite some time.


The LadderM8rix is a leading ladder safety device which helps secure the base of the ladder safely, by reducing the risk of the ladder feet slipping. The LadderM8rix helps to provide a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders. Outdoors it can be placed on a variety of wet or dry surfaces including concrete, grass, pebbles, moss, decking, paving slabs, tarmac, snow and even solid ice! This is due to  the unique 2000 pin base that grips the surface. It also provides excellent grip on synthetic grass.


For indoors, use the rubber pad on the back of the case for use on all shiny surfaces like polished concrete,marble and tiles.


It’s ideal for those that work on their own and is suitable for all types of industries where there is a need to maximise safety when using ladders. This includes Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, Painters and Decorators, Window Cleaners, Builders, Security,Telecommunication and TV antenna installers and Farmers.


So if you use a ladder think ladder safety, think LadderM8rix!
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Get the LadderM8rix Pro Plus and be safer on a ladder

The LadderM8rix has won many awards. For over 15 years various trades including the UK’s leading telecommunications companies use the LadderM8rix to help prevent ladder falls in the workplace. The LadderM8rix should always be used in conjunction with all OHS regulations and at the correct angle of 4:1.

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The LadderM8rix ProPlus a leading safety device that secures the base of the ladder to reduce the risk of slip
The LadderM8rix ProPlus can be used on almost any surface
The LadderM8rix ProPlus has a unique pin pad to be used on external surfaces

Plan to be safe because ladder safety matters

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